Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Martin Richard: A Face of Innocence In Troubling Times

The gruesomeness of violence that engulfed the Boston Marathon on  yesterday April 15, 2013  grieved my spirit. I was and still remain saddened and angered by these events. I have prayed, discussed and reflected on "the WHY of it ALL!"  I have questions and I know no one else to ask but God.

Why do we have so MUCH VIOLENCE in our world?
Why was there a sinister illusive plot lurking behind a seemingly innocent event like a marathon?
Why was innocence damaged, children killed and families devastated?
Why are we AGAIN lighting candles, laying symbolic flowers to illustrate peace in such a VIOLENT WORLD?
Why did 176 people get injured and 3 died in a sporting event that allows people to experience victory and so much competitive happiness?
Why did an 8 year old named Martin Richard have to die?

When I was little I was taught not question God! But, since I have grown older and wiser and gaining a greater relationship with God, I now know and realize that God can handle my questions! Question is, can I handle God's answers!!!

I am equally disturbed about 8-year old Martin Richard,

who had just given his father a victory hug as his dad was passing the finish line of the Boston Marathon, who is now dead. Imagine, the entire Richard family started out the morning of April 15th as other runners did with a spirit of anticipation and hope. The hope of their loved one coming in 1st place, or placing or just finishing the race. IMAGINE!!!! Their lives were not marred yet..... but now
a son is dead
a wife is experiencing brain trauma
a daughter having one leg amputated
and another child who did not get physically hurt but will probably be emotionally traumatized
and a father who ran this race and probably experiencing multiple levels of grief that no one should have to encounter.

The last time I wrote my blog, I featured the movie"Trigger" and little Jonylah Watkins 6-months old who was shot 5 times by an unknown assailant as her father changed her diaper.  I want us to remember Jonylah's name because the 6 months of life she had on this earth should not go unnoticed. When I see her face I see joy! Now, when I see this picture of Martin I see hope. Is God saying  to us to have joy or hope in these troubling times? We should all still have hope and joy, but it becomes difficult when innocence is attacked. 
I do not have the answers to the above questions but I do know  God is STILL in CONTROL "The Why of it ALL" may never have the answers to comfort my troubled soul or the souls of the many men and women and children who are suffering now.  But I do believe in the power of prayer. And, in times like these we must come together and pray that bombings, murders, mayhem and death will cease to exist in our world. I do not believe that God wants us to be angry or dismayed by 
past events. But, I do feel that we have got to get the message of LOVE, HOPE and JOY. These tragedies keep happening and I believe we keep missing the message. 

I can not imagine who could have had the unmitigated gall to do such an evil act as to plant two bombs at the Boston Marathon and kill 3 innocence people and injure 174. I am praying that these acts of violence will end and we ALL will embrace God's plan for our lives and live in LOVE, HOPE, JOY and most of ALL PEACE!

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